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Interesting Index of gregorian chants is available on the site In the database is stored the occurence of particular chants in selected chant literature. Chants are sorted by title, type (introitus, graduale…), bible source and literature. Majority of the content is in french language. Here is the list of indexed literature:

  • Graduale Triplex 1979
  • Esthétique grégorienne Dom Paolo Ferretti,O.S.B. 1938
  • Sémiologie grégorienne Dom Eugène Cardine 1970
  • Il canto gregoriano (ed.1,2) 1 Corso fondamentale Alberto Turco 1991
  • Il canto gregoriano (ed.1,2) 2 Toni e modi Alberto Turco 1991
  • Einführung in die Interpretation des Gregorianischen Chorals 1 Band 1: Grundlagen Luigi Agustoni/Johannes Berchmans Göschl 1987
  • Einführung in die Interpretation des Gregorianischen Chorals 2 Band 2: Ästhetik Luigi Agustoni/Johannes Berchmans Göschl 1987
  • Introduction à l’interpétation du chant grégorien L. Agustoni/J.B.Göschl – J.Kohlhäufl/D.Saulnier 2001
  • Die rhetorische Komponente in der Notation des Codex 121 von Einsiedeln Godehard Joppich
  • Le chant grégorien Mot et neume Luigi Agustoni 1969
  • Revue grégorienne 1921 – Année 6 – N°1 Norbert Rousseau 1921
  • Los modos gregorianos historia, análisis, estética Jean Jeanneteau 1985
  • Les plus belles mélodies grégoriennes Dom Gajard 1985
  • Confessio et pulchritudo 1-9 Commentaar op de gregoriaanse Mis- en Officiegezangen Nicolaas Boer 1952

By chants of mass proper is in addition to place in Graduale Triplex (Graduale Romanum) also use of this chant in other celebrations.

Schola cantus Gregoriani slovak german

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Schola cantus Gregoriani

Thanks to blog of SDH have I info about other czech ensemble, with focus on gregorian chant. On the website of Schola cantus Gregoriani (in czech language only) there is description of the ensemble and its repertoire, photos, audio samples, events announcements and some links to other sites.

Festival of gregorian chant slovak german

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International festival of gregorian chant should be hold from 18. – 21. october 2007 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Organizer is Bratislava Choral Agency. Quoting from the website of the festival:

The mission of the event is to support new interpretation of Gregorian Chant in line with the latest Gregorian semiology knowledge. Gregorian Scholas are eligible to join the festival either as non-competitive or competitive scholas. The program for competitive and non-competitive scholas is the same.

On the website you can find competition rules, entry requirements, festival schedule, application form and contact informations. Missing is info about Jury.

There is a contradiction between entry requirements and the mission of the event in my opinion. It is hard to consider as support of anything (except of organizer’s benefit), if every entrant pays for all their costs and Registration fee in addition.

Schola Benedicta slovak german

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Schola benedicta

Prague (Czech Republic) chamber woman’s vocal ensemble Schola Benedicta has after longer pause again its website. You can find there infos about history of the ensemble, photos and samples of concert activities, current news, responses and recensions(in czech language only – so far)
Art director of the ensemble is Jiří Hodina, former member of Schola Gregoriana Pragensis, graduated from Paris conservatory (Conservatoire Nationale Superieur de Musique de Paris), the program Conducting Gregorian Chant. Under his direction we held our workshop in 2005. I would like to draw your attention to his texts about chant.