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As a part of Festival of sacred Art sung our vocal ensemble Gregoriana concert on 18th of November in st. Elisabeth Cathedral in Košice (Slovakia):

Gaude Sion

devotion of st. Elisabeth in medieval and renaissance liturgy.

In this post you can find Recordings and Photos from this Concert.


  • audioOrgan
  • Officium “Gaudeat Hungaria“, Matutinum:
    • audioInvitatorium: “Corde psallamus
      psalmus 94 (95) “Venite exultemus”
    • audioLectio: “Beata Elisabeth
    • audioResponsorium “Ante dies exitus
  • audioOrgan
  • audioCostanzo Festa: “Elisabeth beatissima
  • concert-elisabeth-02.png

  • Officium “Gaudeat Hungaria“, Vesperae:
    • audioAntiphona I. “Gaudeat Hungaria
      psalmus 121 (122) “Laetatus sum”
    • audioAntiphona II. “Iam nova progenies
      psalmus 126 (127) “Nisi Dominus”
      (Falsobordone secundi toni quatuor vocum – Orlando di Lasso)
    • audioAntiphona ad Magnificat “Sicut virgo virginum
      (Magnificat primi toni quatuor vocum – Orlando di Lasso)
  • concert-elisabeth-03.png

  • audioHymnus: “Gaude felix Hungaria
  • audioOrgan
  • audioAlleluia: “O pia regum filia
  • audioLudwig Senfl: “Gaude Sion” (sequentia)
  • audioHymnus: “Hymnum Deo vox iucunda

On organ improvised Martin Bako, polyphonic pieces were conducted by Šimon Marinčák, plainchant by Marek Klein.
In the appended File are Lyrics of the pieces and slovak translations of them.

We would like to thank for help and inspiration by preparation of this concert program to these people and institutions:

  • Annie Fournier; Bibliothèque Municipale de Cambrai, France
  • Sofie Taes; Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Netherlands (for this document)
  • Barbara Haggh, The Institute of Medieval Music, Ottawa, Canada (for her book)
  • Eva Veselovská; SAV Bratislav, Slovakia
  • Andrea Meščanová; Konzervatórium Košice, Slovakia
  • Ján Veľbacký; Liturgický Inštitút Košice, Slovakia
  • Families Wagner, Hölzgen; Montabaur, Germany
  • Digital Abbey Library of St. Gallen

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