In illo tempore: Tempus Adventus

Here it is! The first CD of vocal ensemble Gregoriana called Tempus Adventus. We plan to record the next parts of the edition In Illo Tempore. Its aim is to revive the musical historical pieces from the territory of the present Slovakia up to 1600. In Slovak archives and museums such pieces cannot be counted by hundreds, but surely they deserve our attention. These are mainly the manuscript collections of the monodic (plainchant) liturgical chants, as well as the polyphonic chants of the same kind. You can read in more detail about these historical pieces in the articles of Eva Veselovská and Andrea Meščanová.

Eduard Tomaštík (Czech Republic) accepted our invitation to cooperate on the recording. He was born in 1975. After graduation at the conservatory in Bratislava (playing on cimbalom), he studied at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, field choral conducting, under supervision of Assoc. Prof. Josef Pančík and orchestral conducting under supervision of Prof. Otakar Trhlík and Jan Zbavitel. During 1996–1998 he worked as a choirmaster’s assistant of the Janáček Theater’s Opera Choir in Brno and the Brno Academy Choir. Already from the study times at the conservatory he has been intensively concerned with the interpretation of the 16th and 17th century music on the basis of the thorough study of the period sources. In the center of his interest stands sacral music, especially Czech music in relation to neighboring countries. With his research activity he regularly contributes to clarification of music-historical relations on European scale.

He presently works as a lecturer at the Academy of Ancient Music and Department of Musicology at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno; he teaches ancient music courses and as a conductor he receives invitations to cooperate with different orchestras. In 1998 he established a chamber ensemble of ancient music Societas incognitorum, where he is an artistic director. With this ensemble he has recorded 7 CDs so far, which has got great international credit.

Polyphonic pieces were directed by Eduard Tomaštík, Plainchant by Marek Klein.

Polyphony sources:

  • Anna Hansen-Schuman Codex (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Košice Polyphonic Collection I (12)
  • Košice Polyphonic Collection III (23, 28, 29, 30)
  • Vesperarum precum officia (6, 21)

Chant sources:

  • The Bratislava Antiphonary IV (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18)
  • The Bratislava missal I (22, 24, 25, 27, 31)
  • The Spiš Gradual (26)


    Sabbato ante dominicam primam Adventus Ad vesperas

  1. Invocatio: “Deus in adjutorium…
  2. Antiphona 1. “A diebus antiquis”, psalmus 143 “Benedictus Dominus
  3. Antiphona 2. “Dominum salvatorem”, psalmus 144 “Exaltabo te
  4. Antiphona 3. “Gabriel angelus”, psalmus 145 “Lauda, anima mea
  5. Antiphona 4. “Maria dixit”, psalmus 146 “Laudate Dominum
  6. Antiphona 5. “Respondit angelus”, psalmus 147 “Lauda Jerusalem Dominum
  7. Capitulum: “Fratres, scientes quia hora est
  8. Responsorium: “Ecce dies veniunt
  9. Hymnus: “Conditor alme siderum
  10. Versiculus: “Rorate coeli desuper
  11. Antiphona ad Magnificat: “Ecce nomen Domini
  12. Orlando di Lasso – Magnificat primi toni
  13. …Antiphona ad Magnificat: “Ecce nomen Domini
  14. Oratio: “Excita, quesumus, Domine
  15. Antiphona: “Missus est Gabriel
  16. Versiculus: “Spiritus Sanctus superveniet
  17. Oratio: “Deus, qui de beatae Mariae
  18. Antiphona: “Ecce Dominus veniet
  19. Versiculus: “Ibunt sancti
  20. Oratio: “Conscientias nostras
  21. Benedicamus Domino
  22. Dominica prima Adventus Ad missam

  23. Introitus: “Ad te levavi
  24. Kyrie: Leonhard Lechner – Missa super Domine Dominus noster
  25. Graduale: “Universi qui te expectant
  26. Alleluia: “Ostende nobis
  27. Sequentia: “Mittit ad virginem
  28. Offertorium: “Ad te Domine
  29. Sanctus: Leonhard Lechner – Missa super Domine Dominus noster
  30. Benedictus: Leonhard Lechner – Missa super Domine Dominus noster
  31. Agnus Dei: Leonhard Lechner – Missa super Domine Dominus noster
  32. Communio: “Dominus dabit benignitatem
  33. Leonhard Lechner – Rorate coeli desuper

Booklet contains lyrics of all the Chants with translations to Slovak and English. Total playing time is 74 min.
The CD is available through online shop Hevhetia.

If you like or dislike it, or you have something to tell us, do not hesitate to comment.

  1. Dobry den,
    srdecne zdravim do Kosic. Roky som cakal, ze vyjde na Slovensku taketo fantasticke CD. Je to najlepsie, co som za posledny cas pocul. Rozposielam info o vas do zahranicia. Nech sa vam dari a tesim sa na dalsiu produkciu.
    S pozdravom zo Ziliny,

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