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Musicologie médiévale:

Hoc rete factum est ut musicologae mediaevisti, gregorianistae et aliae personae quae gregorianum vel mediaevalem cantum amant inter se facile communicare possint.

Hoc rete poterit sic unusquisque non tantum optime dare operam, ut cognoscatur opus suum sed etiam cum hominibus novissime cognitis convenire.

Nolite haesitare ut aliis membris vocetis…

This network was created to help musicologists specialized in medieval music or Gregorian Chant to keep in touch with each other, or with others interested in Chant and medieval vocal music.

This network is naturally open to liturgists.

With this network, members will be able to make their work known to others, and to establish new contacts.

Please do not hesitate to invite other people to become member…

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