Harmonia Pastoralis

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Naše nové CD je na svete! Volá sa Harmonia Pastoralis a nahrali sme ho spolu s renomovaným súborom starých nástrojov Ritornello (ČR) pod vedením jeho vedúceho Michaela Pospíšila.

Bližšie informácie o všetkom, čo s týmto albumom súvisí nájdete na samostatnej stránke hp.gregoriana.sk. Na tejto stránke si môžete celý tento album aj vypočuť.

A solis ortus cardine

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Jean Mouton: Hodie Christus natus est

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In illo tempore: Tempus nativitatis slovak

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The third Album of Vocal ensemble Gregoriana – the second one of our series In illo tempore has been released. We have named it according to the liturgical season which it illustrates – Tempus nativitatis (Christmas season).
The aim of the series In illo tempore is to revive the old Slovak musical manuscripts dated before 1600. These are codexes of plainchant as well as polyphonic vocal liturgical music. The Album Tempus nativitatis was made in cooperation with guest conductor Jan Mikušek, who directed our ensemble on our previous CD nova et vetera too.

Sources of plainchant:

  • Bratislava Antiphonary I [1]
  • Bratislava Antiphonary IIb [6, 7, 11, 12, 14, 15]
  • Bratislava Antiphonary IV [1, 8]
  • Bratislava Missal I [4,16]
  • Canon Blasius’s Psalter [5]

Sources of polyphony:

  • Anna Hansen-Schuman’s Codex [10, 13, 15, 18]
  • Košice Polyphony Codex I [5]
  • Košice Polyphony Codex II [9]
  • Košice Polyphony Codex III [2, 3]


  1. invitatorium Christus natus est nobis
  2. Phillipus de MonteKyrie (Missa sine nomine)
  3. Phillipus de MonteGloria (Missa sine nomine)
  4. sequentia: Eia recolamus
  5. hymnus: A solis ortus cardine
  6. antiphona: Nesciens Mater – psalmus: 112
  7. antiphona: Natus est nobis – psalmus: 111
  8. antiphona: Hodie Christus natus est
  9. Michele VarottoMagnificat sexti toni
  10. Jean MoutonHodie Christus natus est
  11. antiphona: In prole mater – psalmus: 110
  12. responsorium: Tria sunt munera
  13. Heinrich FinckAequalis aeterno
  14. antiphona: Ante luciferum – psalmus: 93
  15. antiphona: Tolle puerum – canticum: Benedictus
  16. lectio cum tropi: Laudem Deo/Popule gentium
  17. cantio (plainchant): Dies est laetitiae
  18. cantio (polyphony): Dies est laetitiae

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Nova et vetera – video presentation

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Ďalšie informácie o albume nova et vetera:


Nova et vetera slovak

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A new CD of the Vocal ensemble Gregoriana is here!

The album called nova et vetera was directed by Jan Mikušek. It contains sacred choral works of contemporary composers, but we remained faithful to gregorian chant too.

The total playing time is almost 68 minutes. The Tracklist:

  1. gregorian/Fabio Fresi: Psalmus alleluiaticus
  2. gregorian/Mirko Krajči: Psalmus 85
  3. Mirko Krajči: Ave Maria
  4. gregorian/Renāte Stivriņa: Psalmus 98 (falsobordone septimi toni)
  5. Vytautas Miškinis: Cantate Domino
  6. Libor Dřevikovský: Ave Maria
  7. gregorian/Martin Bako: Psalmus 119 (falsobordone octavi toni)
  8. Rihards Dubra: Ubi caritas
  9. Fabio Fresi: Gustate et videte
  10. Imant Raminsh: Ave, verum corpus
  11. Rihards Dubra: O crux, ave
  12. Víťazoslav Kubička: Sanctus
  13. Peter Zagar: Stabat mater
  14. Zdeněk Lukáš: Pater noster
  15. Javier Busto: Ave Maria
  16. Fabio Fresi: Fortem virili pectore
  17. Renāte Stivriņa: Caritas numquam excedit
  18. gregorian/Matúš Šimko: Psalmus 126 (falsobordone primi toni)
  19. Zdeněk Lukáš: Praedicatio

Graphic designer Patrik Duditš has used panoramic photos of the interior of St Elisabeth Cathedral of Košice by Jozef Doboš for cover.

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In illo tempore: Tempus Adventus slovak

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Here it is! The first CD of vocal ensemble Gregoriana called Tempus Adventus. We plan to record the next parts of the edition In Illo Tempore. Its aim is to revive the musical historical pieces from the territory of the present Slovakia up to 1600. In Slovak archives and museums such pieces cannot be counted by hundreds, but surely they deserve our attention. These are mainly the manuscript collections of the monodic (plainchant) liturgical chants, as well as the polyphonic chants of the same kind. You can read in more detail about these historical pieces in the articles of Eva Veselovská and Andrea Meščanová.

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ARS NOVA Cassoviae german slovak

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Here are some examples from our concert of november 4th:

About composers:

About Jan Mikušek (director).

Texts (with slovak translations)

Benefičný koncert Košice – Terasa – report german slovak

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Little selection from concert:


Kavečany – Report german slovak

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Here it is – Photos and Recordings from our concert in Kavečany last week:

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