Festival of gregorian chant

International festival of gregorian chant should be hold from 18. – 21. october 2007 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Organizer is Bratislava Choral Agency. Quoting from the website of the festival:

The mission of the event is to support new interpretation of Gregorian Chant in line with the latest Gregorian semiology knowledge. Gregorian Scholas are eligible to join the festival either as non-competitive or competitive scholas. The program for competitive and non-competitive scholas is the same.

On the website you can find competition rules, entry requirements, festival schedule, application form and contact informations. Missing is info about Jury.

There is a contradiction between entry requirements and the mission of the event in my opinion. It is hard to consider as support of anything (except of organizer’s benefit), if every entrant pays for all their costs and Registration fee in addition.

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