Gregorian repertoire

Interesting Index of gregorian chants is available on the site In the database is stored the occurence of particular chants in selected chant literature. Chants are sorted by title, type (introitus, graduale…), bible source and literature. Majority of the content is in french language. Here is the list of indexed literature:

  • Graduale Triplex 1979
  • Esthétique grégorienne Dom Paolo Ferretti,O.S.B. 1938
  • Sémiologie grégorienne Dom Eugène Cardine 1970
  • Il canto gregoriano (ed.1,2) 1 Corso fondamentale Alberto Turco 1991
  • Il canto gregoriano (ed.1,2) 2 Toni e modi Alberto Turco 1991
  • Einführung in die Interpretation des Gregorianischen Chorals 1 Band 1: Grundlagen Luigi Agustoni/Johannes Berchmans Göschl 1987
  • Einführung in die Interpretation des Gregorianischen Chorals 2 Band 2: Ästhetik Luigi Agustoni/Johannes Berchmans Göschl 1987
  • Introduction à l’interpétation du chant grégorien L. Agustoni/J.B.Göschl – J.Kohlhäufl/D.Saulnier 2001
  • Die rhetorische Komponente in der Notation des Codex 121 von Einsiedeln Godehard Joppich
  • Le chant grégorien Mot et neume Luigi Agustoni 1969
  • Revue grégorienne 1921 – Année 6 – N°1 Norbert Rousseau 1921
  • Los modos gregorianos historia, análisis, estética Jean Jeanneteau 1985
  • Les plus belles mélodies grégoriennes Dom Gajard 1985
  • Confessio et pulchritudo 1-9 Commentaar op de gregoriaanse Mis- en Officiegezangen Nicolaas Boer 1952

By chants of mass proper is in addition to place in Graduale Triplex (Graduale Romanum) also use of this chant in other celebrations.

  1. I’m from Indonesia. Yogyakarta is my city in the island of Java.I’m a Catholic since my youth. I’m now sixty. Really I love “the old” Catholic music, especially Gregorian Chant. Chant is no longer used in the Catholic church of Indonesia. Chant being something obsolete, unsingable in the heart and voice of nowadays parishioners, even the priests. Fortunately I have one thick book of Liber Usualis. So I could learn and practice chant at my home (self study seriously since 2000). Than I join an oldies group of chant lovers. I feel today I could recite chant better and more fluently. But I need other books on chant, if any, that’s also impossible to have or look for in my country. I’ve tried through the internet including this effort. Thank you. Be happiest Easter, April 2014.

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