Paléographie musicale german slovak

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Paleographie musicaleOn the website of the Abbey of Solesmes (which is celebrating its 1000th year since its foundation in 1010) we can read:

In 1833, a young priest of the diocese of Le Mans, Dom Prosper Guéranger, undertook the restoration of benedictine monastic life on the site of an old priory at Solesmes, after forty years of silence due to the French Revolution. He seized upon the restoration of Gregorian chant with enthusiasm and began by working on its execution, asking his monks to respect the primacy of the text in their singing: pronunciation, accentuation and phrasing, with an eye to guaranteeing its intelligibility, in the service of prayer. Dom Guéranger also placed the task of restoring the authentic melodies into the hands of one of his monks.

The handwriting, in “thin flyspecks”, of the original manuscripts was indecipherable at the time. But the invention of photography soon brought unforeseen benefits with it. Little by little, an incomparable collection grew at Solesmes, facsimiles of the principal manuscripts of the chant contained in the libraries of all Europe. This was the genesis of the Paleography of Solesmes.

In 1889 the first volume of Paléographie musicale was released. The goal of this edition is the publication of the extant manuscripts of latin liturgical chant. Now, twelve volumes of  the Paléographie musicale are available online thanks to Internet Archive.

These are the available volumes:

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Empty gregorian music sheet german slovak

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Friend of mine asked for Empty gregorian music sheet – maybe it could be helpful for someone else too.

E-codices: Call for collaboration german slovak

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Would you like a manuscript? You can propose which manuscript held in manuscript collections within Switzerland should be digitized this year. Deadline is 10th of July 2009 – Hurry up!

e-codices – Call for Collaboration


Gregoriani Cantus german slovak

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Juan Andrés Alzate P. (Medellín, Columbia), author of the font Festa Dies for quadratic notation has now his website with the title Gregoriani Cantus. Beside his own font there are links to other useful resources.

Quadratic notation using font Festa Dies

UPDATED 2009-03-01

Gregorian Chant Days in Košice german slovak

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An Event named “Gregorian Chant Days in Košice” is to be held in our City from 2nd trough 4th of february 2009. Participants could study and sing under the leading of famous italian specialist Nino Albarosa. More details only in slovak version of this post.

Kavečany – Report german slovak

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Here it is – Photos and Recordings from our concert in Kavečany last week:

If you have something to say, pleas do comment.

Workshop Gregorian Chant slovak german

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Prof. Dr. phil. Johannes Göschl leads in November workshop in Waldsassen. Information in German and Czech are on the site Bavaria Bohemia Online. Deadline is October 19.

Festival of gregorian chant in Bratislava slovak german

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International festival of gregorian chant which we mentioned in january begins on 18th of october 2007 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Organizer is Bratislava Choral Agency. Festival program.

Interpretácia Gregoriánskeho spevu slovak

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Offertoriale restitutum cum versiculis slovak german

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There are more and more useful resources on the page gregor-und-taube. Mr. Anton Stingl Jr. added up to now 3 restituted chants for offertory together with proper psalm verses and with st. gallen neumatic notation above the system. Quoting from the page:

The Offertoriale restitutum is only in stage of construction. If you need other offertory verses, write me an e-mail…

Dear Mr. Stingl, we thank you completely cordially!

Offertoriale restitutum cum versiculis